Lean + Green Tea


Each box contains 24 (2.05 g) Stick Packs.

Flavorful teas and great conversation have been bringing people together for centuries. However no other tea—black, red, oolong, etc.—has the dedicated following of green tea.

Its mild taste and sweet aroma provide a combination of invigorating and calming qualities, as well as having the highest concentration of beneficial phytonutrients, not to mention the thousands of studies on the health benefits—including supporting heart, brain, immune and blood sugar health, and countless anti-aging and anti-carcinogenic benefits.

Combine the widely reported fat-burning benefits of green tea, with the incredible fat-blocking power of Garcinia Cambogia and the sweet-stopping, crave-busting control of Gymnema Sylvestre, and you have Lean+Green—Javita’s one-two-three knockout punch to fight the ongoing weight-loss battle.*

Serving Up a Superior Cup of Tea (lean + green)*

The green tea featured in Javita’s Lean+Green is grown in the Shizuoka, region of Japan, considered the ‘Napa Valley’ of green tea. This third-generation grower, whose family has been cultivating tea for nearly 100 years, has discovered the secret to the perfect cup. Their secret, and the key to this award-winning tea, is a combination of factors which include the growing environment (recognized as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System), harvesting conditions and micronization process.

In addition to the nutrient-rich soil and clean-air environment, every leaf is steam sealed for freshness and to preserve the tea’s natural green color. As an extra quality measure, each batch of tea undergoes a proprietary 20-day, multi-step micronization process to release delicate flavors, preserve key nutrients and remove excess water.


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